Kverneland Turbo T i-Tiller

Il nuovo coltivatore intelligente

Kverneland Turbo T i-Tiller è stato concepito per garantire il massimo delle performance riducendo i costi operativi. La regolazione della profondità di lavoro e dei sistemi di livellamento è direttamente effettuata dalla cabina del trattore tramite i terminali ISOBUS.

La profondità di lavoro e l’altezza della batteria di livellamento vengono regolati tramite la semplice pressione di un pulsante sul terminale. In completa autonomia, il sistema intelligente del Turbo T i-Tiller inizia a modificare l’estensione dei cilindri idraulici. La regolazione della parte anteriore e posteriore può avvenire indipendentemente e in qualsiasi momento, anche al lavoro.

Il nuovo sistema “Dynamic Traction Control” permette di variare la profondità di lavoro durante le operazioni riducendo così il consumo di carburante. Un sistema automatico di detenzione del sovra carico chiamato “Auto-Protect” protegge il telaio da qualsiasi genere di stress. La combinazione di entrambi i sistemi riduce i tempi morti aumentando il confort e la velocità di lavoro.
Durate l’avanzamento, il Dynamic Traction Control trasferisce il peso dalle ruote di supporto anteriori al gancio di traino del trattore aumentando la trazione. In condizioni di profilo del terreno difformi, la pressione è regolata in continuo per mantenere il corretto livellamento a terra della macchina. Meno compattamento, e meno di pneumatici e carburante.
Il sistema di sicurezza da sovra carico Auto-Protect reagisce all’impatto di un ostacolo sia che avvenga in direzione verticale, sia laterale. Il sistema intelligente del Turbo T i-Tiller solleva automaticamente la macchina se il valore limite impostato viene superato; anche in caso di disattenzione del guidatore che non solleva la macchina in capezzagna. L’innovativo sistema protegge la macchina riducendo stress e usura a garanzia di una durata estesa.

Modelli Frame No. of tines No. of tine rows Working width / transport width (m)
Turbo 6500T i-Tiller Pieghevole trainato 33 5 6.18 / 3.00
Turbo 8000T i-Tiller Pieghevole trainato 41 5 7.68 / 3.00

The Turbo concept

3 steps to get a fine seedbed ready

  1. Tillage the soil
    The Kverneland Turbo is offering a 4 row configuration on the mounted machines and even 5 rows of tines on the trailed version. In combination with the 19cm tine distance, this leads to a nice mixing and finishing without the risk of blockages. The Turbo can be equipped with two different tines (Reflex tine or C-tine) and a variation of shares to adjust the machine to different conditions and tasks.
  2. Levelling the soil
    The Kverneland Turbo is offering the choice between a levelling tine and a disc system. Both units are spring-loaded and can be adjusted in their aggressiveness. Also the angle to the ground can be adjusted. In combination with special border equipment, a perfect levelling is achieved.
  3. Recompacting the soil
    The third step of perfect seedbed preparation is soil recompaction. Therefore, a wide range of rollers are available to meet the various conditions and requirements.

Turbo - Strength and durability

Advanced testing program

Before the Turbo was launched into the market, it had passed a whole series of tests to ensure the impeccable quality of the product.

• Sophisticated technologies are used for each development such as static load test, finite elements method (FEM) and shake-lifetime tests.
• Finally the machines are tested in the field under different conditions to reconfirm that the requirements to all functions and strength are met. A strict LOR is defined to meet all kind of soil conditions.

The frame is a result of a long study made by FEM (Finite Element Method) calculation to optimise the steel over the working width and proposing a strong structure able to resist to tractors up to 450hp for the trailed model, up to 300hp for the Turbo F and up to 175hp for the rigid frame.

The complete Turbo range has been designed to be combined with the Actipack roller, which is the heaviest roller in the range. All the most agressive scenarios (deep working when turning, headland turns, transport tests, ...) have been considered to make the different frames as strong as possible and thus guaranteeing the proven Kverneland quality. 

Turbo T i-Tiller - The tines

High vibration for intensive mixing and crumbling
Reflex tine: versatile for all conditions

The Reflex tine benefits from high vibration effect: the large coil and the high tine clearance of 725mm gives a high flexibility whilst ensuring a high vibration effect to crack the clods and mix the soil. The working depth of the share stays even when the tine release to the back thanks to its stable design. The narrow tine spacing ensures active crumbling and perfect levelling. Thus the pressure applied on the coil is reduced to extend its life time.

The Reflex tine is the perfect solution for using the Turbo in first/second stubble pass or for seedbed preparation. Also for the incorporation of slurry or manure the Reflex tine is the best choice. To make it even more versatile three different shares are available

For stony condition and high penetration
Triflex tine 400: High stability at deep operations

The auto-reset Triflex tine 400 uses the well known Kverneland leaf spring system to ensure a high point pressure of 400kg in work and a smooth release curve when the tine hits an obstacle. The Triflex tine 400 with narrow design and special shape reduces the pulling forces while ensuring a perfect penetration in most compacted soil. It is the perfect choice for deep loosening and working on heavier soil types strewn with stones.

The Triflex tine 400 can be equipped with different shares to adapt to different working depths and tasks. 3 types of shares are available with the patented Knock-on® system. It is the easiest way of changing parts on a cultivator, either to adapt the machine to the job to be done or to change wearing parts.

Perfect levelling

Leaving an even surface


In order to create an even surface for a fine seedbed, Kverneland offers two options of levelling tools for the Turbo.

There are levelling tines which are a very easy and economic way of levelling and to handle normal straw conditions on light to medium soil types.

When it comes to heavy amounts of residues and also more clay or loamy soils the levelling discs are more suitable.

Both versions are overload protected by a spring to avoid damages in stony or other difficult conditions. Individual springs ensure individual release of tines or discs and keep levelling quality even in stony conditions. The pressure on this spring and also the angle of the levelling discs/tines can be adjusted for a perfect results.

To respect the transport width on the Turbo mounted versions with 3.00 and 3.50m working width the outer tines/discs can be hydraulically or mechanically folded in.

Turbo - Rear accessories

There is a full range of levelling equipment and rear rollers available:

Actipress Twin ø 565mm - 220kg/m without soil

  • U-profile for high carrying /rolling capacity in light soils
  • Clod breaking also in heavy conditions
  • Possibility to make different soil profiles by locking the rocking (even or corrogated)
  • Self-cleaning effect thanks to the twin u-ring concept
  • High stability thanks to the oscillating frame
  • High and homogenous consolidation
  • Can also work in stony conditions
  • Weight when full of soil: 250kg/m

Cage roller ø 550mm - 90kg/m

  • 10 bars for a good loading  capacity and operation in wet conditions
  • Effective crumbling action

Double cage roller ø 400mm (tube/flat) - 160 kg/m

  • Good crumbling
  • Precise depth control

Actipack ø 560mm - 205kg/m

  • The Kverneland Actipack roller displays its superb working qualities especially on medium to heavy soils and also in wet, stony and sticky conditions thanks to the independent skids and knives.
  • The cutting discs break the larger clods whilst the adjustable knives cut the remaining clods resulting in optimal clod breakdown and fine seedbed preparation.

Actiring ø 540mm - 160kg/m

  • The Actiring roller is a lighter variant of the Actipack, using the same frame structure and knife system.
  • The discs have been replaced by a “V” profile ring, this is saving 60kg/m, which is of critical importance for reducing lifting requirements for mounted equipment.
  • Actiring is not recommended in stony conditions.

Actiflex roller ø 580mm - 160kg/m

  • The Actiflex roller has been made to create an intensive mixing with all types of conditions, even stony ones.
  • The rings are made with spring steel to have a high resistance against stress at high speed.
  • Actiflex rings are separated by skids to prevent any accumulation inside the roller.
  • This roller is the ideal tool to create a nice seedbed and enhance the weeds regrowth after harvesting.

Turbo - safe transport

Easy conversion from working to transport position.

The three-part hydraulic folding gives a transport width of 3.00m and ensures smooth running and safe road transport.

The Turbo T models are homologated* at 40km/h in Germany and 25km/h in France. The EU homologation is in progress.