Kverneland serie M

Per trattori fino a 140hp

La serie M è la serie media degli erpici rotanti di Kverneland, adatta a trattori con potenza fino a 140 CV. È il modello più leggero della gamma e offre lo stesso resistenza e longevità grazie alla testata d’attacco rinforzata e la cassa auto-portante. Il fissaggio dei denti ‘Quick-Fit’ (a richiesta) e i cuscinetti conici doppi assicurano prestazioni ottimali.

La cassa della serie M è sagomata e imbullonata senza parti saldate per migliorarne la stabilità. L’erpice della serie M può essere combinato con una seminatrice come ad es. l’e-drill compact.

 The Advantages:

  • Tecnologia dei modelli professionali 
  • Grande affidabilità assicura una lunga durata operativa
  • Ampio disimpegno per un flusso del terreno migliorato
  • Livellamento impeccabile
  • Riduzione dei picchi di carico e dei consumi
  • Ampia scelta di rulli
  • Possibilità di combinazione con seminatrice
Modelli Larghezza di lavoro N. rotori/denti Peso con rullo Packer Min. HP / Max. HP
M series 2.5m 10/20 820 70 / 140
M series 3.0m 12/24 927 70 / 140

Heavy-duty trough design

For optimum performance in difficult soil conditions, the robust and self-supporting trough design provides a large clearance between the tine holder and trough bottom. This allows large amounts of residues and stones to pass freely without blocking and provides excellent results in mulch conditions.

Model Trough dimension (mm) Gears Ø Shaft (mm) Bearings (mm) Bearing distance (mm) Rotor clearance (mm)
M series 140 x 400 tempered 40 & 45 80 - 90 70 98.25
H series 165 x 400 tempered & hardened 45 & 50 90 - 100 84.5 90.5
S series 200 x 400 hardened 55 & 60 110 - 120 110.5 100

Range of tines

All models can be fitted with Standard and Active tines as well as with the proven Quick-Fit system to meet customer demand for efficiency. 

Active tines

The active tines ensure optimum penetration in hard or not cultivated soil. The tine, due to its shape, pulls itself into the ground. This gives a constant working depth and also prevents the machine from lifting out of the ground in hard dry soil conditions. In addition, it creates additional re-compaction at the packer roller. The active tine lifts the material and pushes it in front of the power harrow. This gives an optimum levelling effect even in tractor tracks. In mulch conditions the active tines can work directly into stubble and hard soil. The special shape of the tines keeps residues on the surface and this gives a big advantage against erosion.

Helical tine positioning

The tines are arranged in varying angle positions in order to prevent damage caused by stones and ensure even levelling. 4 rotors per meter and the helical tine positioning reduce the peak loads on the driveline which results in smoother running and less fuel consumption. All gears are hardened in the trough for a long lifetime.

Quick-fit and carbide tines

The quick-fit tines for easy replacement and carbide tines for a longer lifetime and minimum wearing are available as an option.

  • Kverneland Quick-fit tines are simply fixed to the tine holder by a pin and a clip. All tines can be quickly replaced without any tools
  • Down time can be minimised by optional carbide layered Quick-Fit tines. These tines ensure a long lifetime and minimum wearing even in tough and abrasive soils.

Kverneland Packer Rollers

Re-consolidation for a stable soil structure

Rollers ensure re-compaction of the soil as final step of the optimum seedbed preparation. By reducing soil porosity and limiting evaporation, all plants will have the same access to nutrients, moisture and light. This will give the crop a good start for a perfect growth and high yields.

The right rollers for all types of soil and conditions:

Actipack ø560mm – 205 kg/m

  • For medium to heavy soils, also in wet, stony and sticky conditions due to the independent skids and knives
  • The cutting discs break the larger clods whilst the adjustable knives cut the remaining clods resulting in optimal clod breakdown and fine seedbed preparation

Cracker Packer ø550mm – 200kg/m

  • For medium to heavy soils
  • Real stripe-wise reconsolidation (12.5cm) in front of seed coulters – only 50% of the soil surface is rolled
  • Good absorption of water
  • Sufficient soil left loose for covering of seeds
  • Good crumbling effect especially on heavy soils
  • Smooth rings and passive-angled knives – no blocking when used in mulch conditions

 Tooth Packer roller ø575mm – 160kg/m

  • Medium to heavy soils
  • Good carrying capacity
  • Good self-cleaning effect
  • Central adjustable scraper bar with independently adjustable scrapers
  • Carbide coated scrapers on request
  • Most versatile roller – especially as part of heavy power harrow/seed drill combination

 Cage roller ø550mm – 90kg/m

  • Light to medium soil and dry working conditions e.g. seed bed preparation for potato planting
  • 10 bars for a good loading capacity and option in wet conditions


Flexibility is key!

The coulterbar can be easily coupled and uncoupled with a coupling hook similar to the front loader coupling. Track markers are attached to the power harrow. Therefore, the power harrow is ready for solo operation within short time. The coulterbar is attached with the Euro-Connection directly to the roller frame and can quickly and easily be hitched thanks to the readily accessible hydraulic and electronic interface.

The e-drill is exclusively designed to be combined with Kverneland power harrows.